Susanne Scholz (hier für deutsche Version)

Susanne Scholz is at the height of her international career as baroque violinist,
ensemble and orchestra director, educator and lecturer.
As violinist on renaissance, baroque and classic instruments she currently mainly focuses
on her teaching role at the University for Music and Theatre in Leipzig, and the
University of the Arts Graz. She also spends much of her time planning, organising
and musically directing baroque opera projects, researching performance practices
of late renaissance music, planning concerts and playing in diverse chamber music
programmes with musicians that are similar to her approach to music and who are
close to her heart.
Thus she gives concerts, organises courses and lectures, largely in Europe. Great
opera productions, directed by her from the concertmaster stand, were realised in
Leipzig particularly over the last 15 years.
With all her projects, she is particularly invested in the musicological background, the
artistic research that results in research and its implementation as a perfect symbiosis.
But all this would remain meaningless if Susanne Scholz were not to express her
great passion for music through her own musical performances
and through them share the experience with her audience.
Susanne Scholz here sees particular importance in the unique
expressivity of historical violin instruments. These allow
through artfully differentiated and subtle bowing articulations
the direct transformation of thoughts and emotions
into music.